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We repair pretty much all phones, tablets, Ipads, Ipods, Macs and laptops. We can repair devices which appear unrepairable!!
Yes. We can finish the repair as long as all parts/components are handed over to us.

We can literally disassemble the whole phone, fix all parts to perfection.

All repaired devices come with a 90-day malfunction warranty with no questions asked or any additional costs.The warranty covers the part/screen replaced.

Most of the time! If we can’t fix it, there’s no charge or diagnostic fee anyways.

Absolutely. In most cases, the LCD replacement does the trick. In the instance where a replacement does not solve the problem, our technicians will do a thorough diagnosis to get to the root of it.

Apple does not manufacture any parts nor supplies them to third parties. The parts it uses are manufactured outside of the USA including China. Most of the parts we use come from comparable vendors in China and follow the same OEM specifications. The OEM-like quality is almost non-differentiable.
It usually takes between 15-35 minutes for a repair to be done. Our expert technicians also have a record of getting a repair done under 9 minutes!!

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