We can beat any competitor’s price 817-538-9520
We can beat any competitor’s price 817-538-9520
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iPad 6 Gen

cell phone repair

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    Customer Reviews


    Customer Reviews

    LISA ORENBACH 2/10/2021

    Martin is very reliable and provides an excellent customer experience

    TANNER CHRISHOP 1/29/2021

    The superior phone repair/sales shop in Port Credit. Don't waste your time and money at Cell2Fix

    MIKEYDEE 10/12/2020

    The only phone place you need to shop....they have the best deals anywhere people....thanks

    JAY U 12/06/2019

    Bought a used/refurbished iPhone 7 a while ago. Still works great. Service was amazing

    EUGENE TARASOV 6/30/2019

    Bought a used samsung phone for $200. Works well, had it for two years. The original price of that phone was more than $500. How can I go wrong? Good place!

    YANNI PSARAKIS 8/27/2019

    Friendly staff and very helpful. There to help iut with what you need