We can beat any competitor’s price 817-538-9520
We can beat any competitor’s price 817-538-9520
As we continue to monitor the situation with Coronavirus (COVID-19), Click here to read about measures we are taking to keep our customers and employees safe.

Protocols for COVID


1- Employees and customers are required to wear a mask inside the store.

2- All shelves/glasses are cleaned with disinfectant at opening and at regular intervals.

3- High contact areas such as glass tops for showcases/pin pads/repair
     desk/keys for showcases and front doorhandles/knobs and glass are cleaned every hour.

4- Employees are expected to sanitize their hands after every cash  transaction made.

5- The pin pad is handed over to the customer to avoid touching their card.

6- Employees are encouraged to wash their hands apart from frequent sanitizing, every 2 hours.

7- All technicians wear gloves which are changed after every repair.

8- Devices taken for repair are sanitized immediately and inserted in a sealed bag.

9- Repaired devices are sanitized and inserted in a sealed bag to avoid any further contact.


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