Store's Locations

CELLTECH was started in 2011 with just 3 locations. Today we have grown to 12 locations

Store on level 2 near GameStop and Ice Rink

Kiosk on level 2 by Mrs. Fields & Pandora

Kiosk on level 2 by Hollister & A’Gaci

Kiosk by Great American Cookies & Calvin Klein

Kiosk on level 1 by Helzberg & Foot Action

Kiosk by J.Crew & Banana Republic

Kiosk on level 2 by Victoria Secret & Nestle Toll

Kiosk by Gap and Victoria Secret

Kiosk by James Avery & Earthbound

Kiosk by Reebok & Auntie Anne’s

Store on level 3 near Subway and Macy’s

Kiosk on level 1 by Sunglass Hut and Shiekh Shoes

Downloads now, the apps are available on the store

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