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    • Helpful company

      thumb Jerry Kowal
      March 25, 2022
    • Martin is very reliable and provides an excellent customer experience

      thumb Lisa Orenbach
      February 10, 2021
    • The only phone place you need to shop....they have the best deals anywhere people....thanks

      thumb MIKEYDEE
      October 12, 2020
    • Bought a used/refurbished iPhone 7 a while ago. Still works great. Service was amazing

      thumb Jay U
      December 6, 2019
    • Friendly staff and very helpful. There to help iut with what you need

      thumb Yanni Psarakis
      August 27, 2019
    • Bought a used samsung phone for $200. Works well, had it for two years. The original price of that phone was more than $500. How can I go wrong? Good place!

      thumb eugene tarasov
      June 30, 2019

    What Can We Fix For You Today?

    iPhone Repair

    iPhone Repair

    Our iPhone repair in Arlington, TX is always done quickly, with high-quality parts, and for the lowest price possible.

    Samsung Repair

    Samsung Repair

    As an authorized repair provider, your Samsung device is in the best hands during the repair in Arlington, TX.

    Google Repair

    Google Repair

    Is your pixel broken? No matter what issues you’re facing with your device, our Google repair in Arlington, TX can help.

    iPad Repair

    iPad Repair

    Turn to us for the best customer service and the highest quality iPad repair in Arlington, TX.

    Cell Phone Repair

    Cell Phone Repair

    From iPhone to Samsung to Google, we’ve got the high-quality parts & training to complete any cellphone repair in Arlington, TX.

    Tablet Repair

    Tablet Repair

    If your tablet screen is cracked or the battery won’t hold the charge, its time to look into the tablet repair in Arlington, TX.

    Computer Repair

    Computer Repair

    Our computer repair in Arlington, TX is safe, quick and the lowest price around so you can get back on the track.

    Game Console Repair

    Game Console Repair

    If you’re looking for a game console repair in Arlington, TX for your broken Xbox and Playstation, look no further.



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    You Come First

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    90 Days Warranty

    All parts and labor that we provide are covered by a 90-day warranty. If your repaired device seems to be having issues after a repair, please visit uBreakiFix right away for warranty diagnostics.


    Low Price Guarantee

    How do you know that you are always getting the best price for your repair services? Because uBreakiFix offers a Low Price Guarantee on all local competitors’ regular advertised pricing.

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    We're Here for You

    You, the Customer, are the most important aspect of our business at uBreakiFix. rest assured your satisfaction is our number one priority.

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